Legend Has it...

...that Jules and Agatha were two brilliant minds who lived during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Jules was a famous author and scientist who wrote about fantastical adventures and daring expeditions to the far reaches of the world. Agatha was a renowned detective and mystery writer who specialized in solving complex crimes with her keen intellect and sharp wit.

One day, Jules and Agatha met by chance (and a bit of magic) on a train travelling through the Swiss Alps. They struck up a conversation and quickly discovered that they shared a passion for storytelling and a love of technology. They spent the entire journey discussing their ideas and dreams for creating a device that could capture the human voice in all its glory, without any background noise or interference.


Inspired by their conversation, Jules and Agatha spent the next several years working tirelessly on their invention. They experimented with different materials and designs, eventually creating a soundproofed box that was both stylish and functional. They named their invention "jules&agatha", in honour of their friendship and collaboration.

"jules&agatha" quickly became the talk of the town, with writers, musicians, and performers flocking to their workshop to try out the new invention. Soon, word spread beyond their city, and people from all over the world were clamoring to get their hands on a jules&agatha soundproofed box. Today, jules&agatha's legacy lives on, inspiring storytellers and artists around the world to create their own masterpieces in a space of perfect silence and inspiration.

jules&agatha®: For the storytellers.